The Age of Men Is Over

The Age of Men is over. The Time of the citizen has come.

The Walking By Design -Citizens Mantra is adhering to the 4th rule.......badass MF's

Our inspirational designs come from our oceans, forests and urban spaces. We focusing on positive images drawing strength from our daily lives.....However, don't let that fool you we fancy ourselves as Jack Daniels drinking foul mouth middle age bastards - badass MF's - We Walk Like Fugitives!....always adhering to the 4th rule - A badass does not give up. We are hard weight bangers that will always push ourselves to be better, no matter how hard it gets..

Walking By Design is all about being transparent, informative, honest and maybe a little funny with our blog posts.. starting meaningful conversation and getting feedback from our community.

With every sale made through our website we'll donate $1 to environmentally non-profit organizations promoting health of our oceans, forests and urban spaces.

It's amazing what eight cups of strong coffee and a keyboard can produce.

Thanks for Reading,