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Updated: Feb 8

Walking By Design tee-shirts has been in operation for about a year, started with a spark of an idea and a bit of advise. We were ready to conquer the online tee-shirt selling world…..Really!

Well, it never quite worked out the way we envisioned. We learned pretty quickly that there's thousands of people with the same idea of flogging tee-shirts online..

Despite the fact we didn't achieve world domination, this last year was an incredible learning experience. Undeterred and with a year of experience we decide to continue...

From the beginning WBD was (and still is) influenced by our urban experience. As we like to say....Walking By Design-exploring, lov'en the city, thinking on our feet, designing stuff to put on tee's...…..for the most part.

When we started we also wanted to use WBD as a vehicle to raise money for non profit environmental groups who's focus is on our oceans, lands and urban spaces..

The attempt to be philanthropic was too broad and with little to no business we had nothing to give....So as we retooled WBD we came up with a fresh plan..

Thinking community, Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary is such a huge part of our physical and mental well being. It's a place we exercise, explore and see wildlife. Moving forward we have decided with every purchase made through WBD we will donate $1 to the friends of fish creek park society, a non-profit, volunteer society that delivers programs such as trail maintenance and courses such as bird watching.

Also, as part of our of retooling efforts we are using a new Canadian based printer for a our tee-shirt designs. The benefits are pricing is in Canadian dollars and domestic shipping is much faster, and having just receiving a sample there quality of work is very good.

We are now open for business, I encourage you to check out the website. Please let us know what you think of our designs and overall presentation. We are always looking at ways to improve.

Thanks for reading,


Walking By Design

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