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The WBD tee shirts and designs are the quintessential casual wardrobe staple for the person about-town. Suitable for everyday use - comfortable, casual, versatile and super cool (Merriam-Webster defines Super Cool as being the latest style or fashion).....

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The WBD classic tee fit.

Our tees should fit not to baggy or tight.

Note...If the tee fits baggy, it will drape and sag like a pillowcase and if the fit is tight you’ll look like a stuffed sausage.

Shoulder seams. The seams where the sleeves attach to the body should ideally exactly align with where your shoulder ends rather than lower on your arm or towards your neck.

Sleeves. A tee’s sleeves should hit about halfway up your upper arm. Sleeves that extend a little farther down can look proportional if you’re very tall.

Length. The bottom hem of tee should hit no higher than your hips, at least cover your waistband, and ideally extend a few inches below it. Any shorter and you’re heading into midriff territory, and run the risk of showing your back/butt crack/belly when you bend over. Longer than that and the shirt starts trending into a nightgown.

Shape. Avoid boxy tees that wear like a sandwich board with sleeves. You want the tee to be cut so it follows the shape of your body a little....The Art of Manliness

We strive to use high-quality tee shirts with tasteful and imaginative designs that are flattering, regardless of age, skin tone or body type.

There's plenty of joy to be found wearing our designs , either for special occasions or for everyday wear!

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